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The Webster Technique

At Foundations, we are always excited to learn that a patient is pregnant and enjoy helping them to remain comfortable and active during and after their pregnancy.

During this exciting time, expectant mothers experience an array of physical changes, including hormonal increases, weight gain, and postural changes/adaptations. These factors may influence normal sacral and pelvic mechanics and, as a result, create imbalances.

Potential benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy include:

  • Maintaining a healthy pregnancy
  • Achieving proper pelvic and sacral mechanics
  • Relieving back, neck, and joint pain

How the Treatment Works

The chiropractors at Foundations are certified in the Webster Technique, a safe and effective method to keep you and your baby healthy throughout pregnancy and beyond. We love meeting and treating your little ones.

This treatment involves a specific sacral/chiropractic analysis and a diversified adjustment, which aims to reduce SI joint disfunction, and as a result may improve pelvic and sacral mechanics.

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